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David - a.k.a The Enthusiastic Hobbyist

About Me

My name is David (a.k.a. The Enthusiastic Hobbyist), I live in the UK and have always loved a hobby! I have worked in the design and marketing industry since 1987 as a graphic designer, website designer and digital marketer.

Hobbies have always filled my spare time. From quiet, meditative model-making to more energetic, outdoor pursuits. Truth is, I get bored easily and like to keep myself occupied which is why hobbies are my passion.

I enjoy physical exercise and go to the gym at least three times a week. I’ve played the drums since 1984 and have been a singer/guitarist since the late 90’s.

Then there’s my love/hate relationship with golf and enjoy most bat and ball sports. When time and weather allow I love to go coarse fishing. When the mood takes me I thoroughly enjoy photography, especially Macro.

DIY projects are always started with great enthusiasm, but invariably take ten times longer than I thought. And my main rainy-day hobby is building Lego Technic models.

I love animals and nature, long walks (especially at the coast) thoroughly enjoy gardening (I love a fresh-cut lawn with stripes!) and keep house plants.

About this website

I’ve created for three main reasons:

1. To create a genuinely helpful website that incorporates the graphic design, web design, SEO and digital marketing skills and knowledge I have acquired throughout my career.

2. I needed a project to occupy my mind outside of my part-time job.

3. I wanted to see if it’s really possible to monetize a website, and if successful, hope that it will generate a modest and relatively passive income for me in the future.

How I (hope to) make money from

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Effectively, I am attempting to be a commission-only sales rep for reputable companies that can supply you with quality products to support your hobbies.

Commissions are generally quite small so my challenge is great! My approach is to regularly create helpful content that will attract a LOT of lovely hobbyists like you who will then click on the affiliate links I have created, and ultimately make a purchase at one of the websites with which I am affiliated.

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Please, do not hesitate to contact me should you feel that any of the content within this website ( is either misleading or non-compliant; that is not my intention!

I have also kept a diary that details the creation and development of with the intention of publishing it as a book to help other affiliate marketers learn the do’s and don’ts of affiliate marketing.