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The Ultimate List of Hobbies

From A to Z – Discover How to Get Started

A list of hobbies to inspire you, spark your interest, ignite your passion, create balance, and help you find happiness with hobbies.

I’ve always enjoyed a hobby, ever since I was a child. My parents always told people “he’s always doing more than one thing at once!” Drawing, drumming, fishing, model railways, singing, guitar, fish keeping…yeah…I’ve had a few! Nowadays, I spend time on the golf course, enjoy Lego Technic model building, and also gardening. I still sing and play guitar and drums.

I hope you find this website helpful and that it helps you discover a great hobby to enjoy.

Hobbies Beginning With A…






Hobbies Beginning With G…


Gaming (PS4, Xbox etc.)
Graphic Design


Hero Quest

Houseplant Keeping

Hat Making


Ikebana (Japanese Flower Arranging)


Jigsaw Puzzles
Jewellery Making
Japanese Calligraphy


Kite Making


Lawn Bowls
Learn an Instrument
Learn a Language


Martial Arts

Matchstick Art
Metal Detecting
Miniature Painting

Model Making
Model Trains


Nail Art





RC Planes
Polymer Clay Art
Paddle Boarding
Paper Filigree (a.k.a Quilling)
Pop Pom Making
Pottery Painting
Potato Printing
Pétanque (Boule)
Plasticine Clay Modeling
Ping Pong




RC Cars
Roller Blading
Resistance Training
Record Collecting
RC Boats
RC Planes
Roller Skating


Song Writing
Slot Cars
Skate Boarding
Soap Making
Soap Carving
Shell Collecting
Strength Training
String Art
Star Gazing


Thread & Nail Art
Table Tennis
Trains (Model)
Train Spotting
Tie Dye




Vegetable Gardening


Wine Making
Weight Lifting


Xingshu Calligraphy


Yachts (Model)
Yarn Spinning


Zen Gardening

Hobbies Can Be Great For Mental Health

You can engage in a hobby for pleasure and personal enjoyment outside of your regular work or responsibilities and can have a positive impact on your mental health and well-being in several ways:

Reduce Stress:

Hobbies provide an outlet for stress and help individuals unwind and relax. Engaging in activities that you enjoy can help distract you from everyday worries and pressures, allowing you to focus on the present moment and experience a sense of flow.

Emotional Well-Being:

A hobby you enjoy can boost your mood and increase happiness. When you participate in activities that you are passionate about, it can generate positive emotions and a sense of fulfillment. A hobby can also provide a sense of purpose, which contributes to overall life satisfaction.

Mindfulness and Self-Care:

Many activities promote mindfulness, such as painting, gardening, yoga, or playing an instrument. These activities require focus and concentration, allowing you to be fully present in the moment and cultivate a state of mindfulness. Engaging in hobbies also promotes self-care by dedicating time to activities that bring you joy and nourish your soul.

Social Connections:

Havnig a hobby or two can serve as a platform for connecting with like-minded individuals who share similar interests. Joining hobby groups or clubs allows you to meet new people, expand your social network, and foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie. Social interactions and meaningful relationships are vital for maintaining good mental health.

Skill Development and Personal Growth:

Hobbies provide opportunities for learning and personal growth. When you engage in activities you are passionate about, you are likely to invest time and effort in developing your skills and knowledge in that area. As you improve and achieve goals within your hobby, it boosts your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Coping mechanism:

A hobby can serve as a healthy coping mechanism for dealing with challenging emotions or difficult life situations. They offer a constructive way to channel negative energy and emotions, allowing you to focus on something positive and productive.

Balance and Relaxation:

Hobbies help create a sense of balance in life. They provide a break from daily routines and responsibilities, allowing you to recharge and rejuvenate. Engaging in activities you enjoy can bring a sense of joy and playfulness, which is essential for overall well-being.

Finding the right hobby for you is a personal journey and should be an enjoyable one. Experiment with different hobbies and explore your interests to discover what brings you the most pleasure and enhances your mental health.

Standing The Test Of Time

There are numerous hobbies that have gained popularity over time and continue to be enjoyed by people worldwide – some of them are considered cheap hobbies due to their affordability. I’ve tried to include YouTube videos on as many of the pages on this website to help you.

Here are some of the most popular hobbies of all time:

  • Reading: Reading books, magazines, or online articles is a widespread and timeless hobby. It offers knowledge, entertainment, and an escape into different worlds and perspectives.
  • Gardening: Gardening allows individuals to connect with nature and cultivate plants, flowers, or vegetables. It provides a sense of fulfillment and relaxation while beautifying outdoor spaces.
  • Cooking and baking: The culinary arts have always been a popular hobby. Experimenting with recipes, trying new flavors, and creating delicious meals or baked goods is enjoyed by many.
  • Photography: With the rise of digital cameras and smartphones, photography has become more accessible. Capturing moments, exploring different techniques, and sharing images have made photography a beloved hobby.
  • Arts and crafts: Engaging in various artistic endeavors, such as drawing, painting, pottery, knitting, or scrapbooking, allows individuals to express creativity and produce tangible works of art.
  • Play an instrument: Learning to play a musical instrument, such as the guitar, piano, or violin, is a hobby that brings joy, personal expression, and the ability to create beautiful melodies.
  • Fitness and sports: Engaging in physical activities like jogging, swimming, cycling, or team sports not only promotes physical health but also serves as a recreational hobby that improves overall well-being.
  • Traveling: Exploring new places, cultures, and cuisines is a hobby cherished by many. It broadens horizons, provides new experiences, and creates lasting memories.
  • Collecting: Collecting items like stamps, coins, antiques, vinyl records, or trading cards has long been a popular hobby. It involves the thrill of searching for unique pieces and the joy of building a curated collection.
  • Gaming: Playing video games, both online and offline, has become a significant hobby for people of all ages. It offers entertainment, challenges, and opportunities for social interaction.

These hobbies have stood the test of time and continue to be enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

It’s OK Have More Than One Hobby

Having multiple hobbies is quite common and can be beneficial. Engaging in different hobbies allows you to explore diverse interests, enhance your skills in various areas, and find joy in a range of activities.

Here are reasons why having multiple hobbies can be advantageous:

  • Variety and flexibility: Pursuing different hobbies ensures that you have a variety of activities to choose from based on your mood, interests, and available time. This prevents boredom and keeps your leisure time engaging and fulfilling.
  • Skill development: Different hobbies provide opportunities to develop a wide range of skills. For example, if you enjoy both painting and playing a musical instrument, you can develop artistic and musical skills simultaneously. Each hobby contributes to personal growth and a diverse skill set.
  • Balance and well-being: Different hobbies can cater to different aspects of your well-being. For instance, if you have one physically active hobby like hiking and another hobby focused on relaxation and creativity like knitting, you can achieve a balance between physical exertion and mental relaxation.
  • Social interactions: Engaging in multiple hobbies can expand your social circle. Each hobby might involve different groups or communities, allowing you to meet new people, make connections, and form relationships based on shared interests.
  • Adaptability: Having multiple hobbies provides flexibility during various life circumstances. If you are unable to pursue one hobby temporarily due to certain constraints, you can always fall back on other hobbies and continue enjoying your leisure time.

The number of hobbies you have is entirely up to you. Some people prefer to focus deeply on one or two hobbies, while others enjoy a wider range of activities.

The key is to find a balance that suits your interests, lifestyle, personal preferences and most importantly, makes you feel happy.

Why I’ve Created This Website About Hobbies

There are several reasons I’ve created this hobbies website – primarily, and somewhat ironically, I needed a hobby!

I spent 15 years working as a self-employed web designer then during lockdown, was offered a job as a Graphic Designer and Print Manager.

I found that I was (mentally) taking my work home with me – when working for myself I’d spent a long time working long days with nothing else on my mind apart from work. But now I had a ‘proper’ job and whilst I love the work, I didn’t want to be thinking about it all the time.

By chance, following an invitation to the Mayor’s Golf Day, I was reminded by one of my playing partners that it’s possible to make money Blogging. I know from experience that it’s not a get rich quick method by any stretch of the imagination, but perhaps in time, just maybe..?

And why a ‘hobbies’ website? Well, because I’ve always loved hobbies and tried lots of them! Nowadays time only allows for golf, a bit of gardening, occasionally some time spent fishing and as often as possible, walking. I also go to the gym but in two minds as to whether that counts as a hobby? Do you think that sports can also be a hobby?

Hobbies provide a way to engage in activities that bring you joy and satisfaction. They offer a break from daily routines and allow you to pursue activities that interest and fulfill you. (I’ve just described sports as well, so guess they can be considered a hobby!? (In which case this website could become a lot bigger than I first thought!)

For me, hobbies provide a means of relaxation and stress reduction – they help me unwind, be present, and shake off the stresses accumulated from work and such like.

Hobbies have helped me acquire and develop new skills (I play guitar and drums, and sing) and have created opportunities for me to meet like-minded individuals – for example, I have some great ‘golf’ friends.

So, I truly hope this list of hobbies and the information within this website is useful to you, and helps you discover hobbies that bring you joy, enhance your well-being, and contribute to a balanced and fulfilling life. I’ve included links to third-party websites such at Hobby Lobby and Hobbycraft that I hope you’ll also find helpful.

Be Happy With Hobbies 🙂

All the best,
a.k.a. The Enthusiastic Hobbyist